The OPEN Project: An attractive, effective site to increase research visibility

projet ouvert

Today, having a simple and effective virtual business card is essential to promote yourself, your expertise and your projects. The research community is no exception to this new reality. Unfortunately, we find that the websites or pages that present you as ù researcher are not always optimal. They do not allow you to be easily […]

Videos from video banks – what are they?

There are many types of videos and many ways to categorize them. Here, we discuss videos from video banks. What are they? When and how to use them? What do we need to know before we start? Video capsule from video banks: definition and function Video banks work have the same basic principle as image […]

The 6Cs of science popularization

vulgarisation scientifique

What should you consider when preparing to do science outreach to a non-scientific audience? The French agency Agent Majeur had the idea of gathering good practices in a model entitled “the 6Cs of science popularization”, which is very useful to have on hand when you start preparing your material. Clarity It cannot be repeated often […]

Science podcast: Deciphering

balado science

Podcasts are exploding and have become THE new way to communicate. From large media platforms to smaller content creators, many have embraced this audio-based format. Today, podcasts can even be found on YouTube, broadcast live or as replays. What is a podcast? What is its origin? How do we navigate this new abundance of content […]

PhDesign : a new communications agency dedicated to the research community

nouvelle agence communication

A Montreal communications agency is taking on the challenge of bringing research and society closer together.

Montreal, March 16, 2022 – PhDesign Inc. officially launches its activities today. A new player in the scientific ecosystem in Quebec and the rest of Canada, the agency’s objective is to support and accompany researchers in the communication and promotion of their projects.

Key principles of graphic design

Design graphique

This blog post is intended for research and academic staff interested in developing basic graphic design skills to improve the visual appearance of their documents. The material discussed is a summary of graphic designer Robin Williams’ (not the actor!), The Non-Designer’s Design Book. This book is written for people who are new to design and […]

How to improve an organization’s environmental performance

performance environnementale

How can managers be brought to understand the importance of psychological factors in encouraging employees to adopt environmentally responsible behaviors in order to improve the environmental performance of organizations? This is the research goal of Virginie Francoeur, assistant professor in social sciences at Polytechnique Montréal. In a research project she conducted with Pascal Paillé, tenured […]

Best practices for podcast production

production baladodiffusions

While it’s true that you can launch a podcast with your smartphone, it is certainly not the way to create a quality product that people will enjoy listening to. Tip #1: Consider your podcast’s persona First and foremost, as with any communication project, you need to consider one question: is there an audience for my […]