A creative agency dedicated to research.

Our Purpose

The current connections between research and society are lacking. We want to bridge that gap. We know that research teams have little time and few resources for their communication needs.

We want to support the research community so that it can focus on its primary missions: advancing knowledge and building a prosperous future.  

Our Values

Our work philosophy is centered around a passion for bringing research and society closer together, simplicity in our processes and our relationships, creativity in carrying out our projects, and humility in recognizing the plurality of knowledge.

Our Objectives

To assist you in communicating the key moments of your research projects (recruitment of participants or partners, dissemination of preliminary or final results, or event promotion), in a creative and relevant way, to increase the reach and impact of your research. Ultimately, we want to better connect research and society.

Our Team

Our team consists of professionals in digital solutions, graphic design, communication, press relations, content creation, website development and research methodology. We usually work in pairs, one person with technical expertise and one person with research expertise. Together, we are determined to make research more visible, more understandable and therefore more beneficial to society. Learn more about us below!

Jane, Ph. D., Founder #research #communication
[email protected]


David, Ph. D., Cofounder
#podcast #translation
[email protected]


Manon, M. Sc., Cofounder
#knowledgetransfer #research [email protected]


Julie, M. Sc., Consultant
#communications #pressrelations

Sophie, Graphic Designer #infographics #visualidentity

Coralie, M. Sc., Project Manager #Communication #socialmedia

Caroline, Videomaker #motiondesign #video


Jean-François, Web Designer #website #SEOstrategies


Rawda, M.A., Project Manager #Research #EDI

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