The OPEN Project: An attractive, effective site to increase research visibility

Today, having a simple and effective virtual business card is essential to promote yourself, your expertise and your projects. The research community is no exception to this new reality.

Unfortunately, we find that the websites or pages that present you as ù researcher are not always optimal. They do not allow you to be easily found and do not always promote your expertise, your projects or your interests the way you would like to see them showcased.

However, we know that developing your visibility outside the academic world by highlighting your work and achievements is key to developing and advancing your career. To support you in this effort, we have developed an almost turnkey solution: the OPEN Project.

The OPEN project (One-Page, rEsearch, Networking) is a modern virtual business card, a one-page site that will speak to the media, to your future collaborators, or to students in a succinct manner.. This site is intended to complement, not replace, the pages offered by academic institutions.

Why one page? In three words: Less is more… The goal is to summarize the key information you want your main target audience to know. It is therefore necessary to sort and select this information (don’t panic, our team is here to help you!). People interested in learning more will be able to contact you directly via your web page or refer to your CV for coordinates. And we believe that the one-page format is sufficient.

Why “almost” turnkey? We have developed web page templates and our communication team is here to help you identify your main target audience and select the information to be highlighted. However, your contribution at certain key moments of the project is crucial!

A website that represents You.

projet ouvert

The OPEN project is the right tool for you if you want to :

  • make yourself known,
  • develop research collaborations with different communities and stakeholders,
  • attract new students.

With all this in mind, we have prepared two basic templates in collaboration with members of the research community, to be customized to suit your taste and with your content. A third template will be launched shortly.

You can visit them here:

Model a –

Model b –

Model c (in construction) –

The OPEN project includes:

  • Le développement du site web d’une page à partir d’un gabarit construit par notre équipe
  • The purchase of your domain name
  • A bank of hours of 10 hours for our communication specialists to identify your target audience, text selection and content development. You will need to participate in a few ideation meetings
  • 1 year of maintenance
  • 1 year of hosting
  • 1 hour of training on the daily management of the site
  • Access to personalized video capsules on site management

“Aesthetics and scientific rigor are often pitted against each other in the field of research, when they should be naturally intertwined. If we want to bring research closer to society, we must build bridges by working as much on the container as on the content of the message,” says Jane, the agency’s founder. “Followers of the Less is More principle, we designed an almost turnkey solution in a format intentionally limited to a web page.”

If you are interested in this solution, contact us by form or by email :[email protected]

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